On the Ochres Road and Villages Discovery

On the Ochres Road and Villages Discovery



Come and discover the Luberon in complete tranquility and freedom. A place that lends itself perfectly to bicycle rides thanks to these different landscapes. The richness of its flora and the extent of its breathtaking panoramic views. You can then combine bike rides and hiking discoveries in the heart of the villages and the Ochres. Among these many landscapes is the sacred ground of the Ochres, rich in colour and discovery.

The Ochres road which extends between Roussillon and Rustrel allows you to discover different villages coloured by the Ochres. Gargas owns the last operating Ochres quarries in the Luberon National Park.


You can admire on your way, upstream of the village of Gargas, the settling tanks of the Ochres before they dry in the sun.

Gargas is a small village full of charm and it is here that you can find the last quarries of Ocres. They are still being exploited today.

Bruoux Mines

The Ocres de Bruoux mines are home to more than 50 km of galleries. The tours are guided and a 650m route is possible inside these galleries. It is strongly recommended to book this guided discovery. Feel free to buy tickets directly from our agency to benefit from a preferential rate.


In Roussillon, two different hiking trails are available to discover the Ochres. Choose between 30 minutes or 60 minutes of walking. The one-hour route also allows you to admire the giants’ roadway. It is in the heart of an old Ochres quarry, which is no longer exploited today, that you will rediscover the charm of the forest and the greenery mixed with whole sections of mountains coloured by the Ochres.

Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the panorama offered by the yellow, red and orange colours that also make up these landscapes. After your discovery of nature, do not hesitate to enjoy the village decor by strolling through the colourful alleys, discovering the flowered squares and the stairways. Classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France, we advise you to stop there. It is thus one of the most important stops in the Luberon.


Rustrel, the Provençal Colorado with the air of American Colorado. Ochres in their natural state and more wild than in Roussillon.

You can thus find the time of a walk through Colorado the richness of the colors of the Ochres. Between greenery and bright colours, do not hesitate to discover Colorado. This former 30 hectare open-air Ochre quarry is also a must in the Luberon. Several trails are possible and your discovery can follow two different hiking trails, 40 minutes for the first and 1 hour 45 minutes for the second. You will begin your discovery through the forest before reaching Colorado. The panorama is breathtaking and the shimmering colours are also omnipresent.

On a semi-natural site you will discover eroded cliffs with ochre hues. The Ochres de Roussillon and the Colorado Provençal are therefore two totally exceptional sites and promise you a change of scenery and a colourful surprise.

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